Are Returning Offices and Polling Stations in accessible buildings?

It is mandatory for all polling stations to have level access. If your polling station or returning office is not physically accessible to you, call your returning office to discuss alternative locations or a mail-in ballot.

I’m not comfortable identifying as male or female on my voter registration form. Do I have to?

On the voter registration form, you will be asked to identify as male or female. At this time, the collection of this data is required under the Nova Scotia Elections Act, and this section of the form cannot be left blank. If you do not feel comfortable making this selection, your form will be accepted if you check both boxes. If you would like to provide feedback on the collection of voter information data, you can email Elections Nova Scotia directly at, or email to get involved in providing student feedback.

Can I bring someone into the voting booth with me?

If you require assistance to mark your ballot, you may bring a friend to assist you. This friend could be a caregiver, parent, spouse, child, or any other friend or relation. You can also ask a deputy returning officer to assist you. You will both be asked to sign a declaration before entering the voting booth.

I am visually impaired, how can I cast my ballot?

Notify the election officer of your visual impairment and ask for the separate ballot template available to you.



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