How to Vote

Am I eligible to vote?

You can vote in the provincial election if:

you are a Canadian Citizen;

you are at least 18 years of age;

you have resided in Nova Scotia for the six months or more before the day the election is called; and

you are registered to vote.

How do I register to vote? 

If you are not already on the list of electors, you can register to vote at an Elections Nova Scotia returning office, or at a polling station. You can register in advance, or you can register on the day you intend to cast your ballot. Make sure to bring appropriate ID with you to register.

 To check and see if you are already on the list of electors, you can call Elections Nova Scotia at 902-424-8584 or 1-800-565-1504; TTY 902-424-7475 or 1-866-774-7074.

When can I vote?

Anytime you want!

Continuous voting will be available at every returning office throughout the election period. You can register as a voter and/or cast your vote at any returning office in the province. Check for returning office locations and hours.

In the Advance Poll

Advance Polling Stations will be open for 7 days prior to Election Day. Check your Voter ID Card or to determine the location of your Advance Polling Station.

On Election Day

On Election Day, May 30, you can go to your assigned polling station to cast your ballot. You must go to your assigned polling station, which you can find at or on your Voter Information Card. If you haven’t registered as a voter in advance, you can register at the polling station.

I am an out of province student. Am I eligible to vote?

If you were a resident of Nova Scotia for the last 6 months, and are a Canadian Citizen at least 18 years of age, you can vote. Keep in mind that you can only vote in the province you consider your principle residence, and if you opt to vote in the Nova Scotia election you cannot vote in an election in your province of origin.

If you are not in Nova Scotia during the election, you can vote by mail-in ballot. You can find the application for a mail-in ballot at Don’t forget to send it your form as soon as possible, as mailing your ballot can take up to 10 days and your ballot must be received by Election Day!

I relocated to work this summer. How do I vote in my home riding?

You can participate in continuous voting and vote in any returning office for any riding in Nova Scotia. Continuous polling will be available from the time returning offices open to Election Day.

I’m an international student. Can I vote?

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to vote. The provincial government has a lot of influence in the lives of international students, such as deregulating differential fees and failing to offer health coverage during your first year of school. If you’d like to participate in the Vote Education campaign and pressure political parties to prioritize international students, email